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How It Works?


Find it (or post an RFP)

Use our search engine to find the items and specifications you are looking for. If you can't find them, don't worry. The request for purchase section is specifically designed for us to locate the item on your behalf.

Buy it/Checkout

Our easy check-out process is very direct and secure.

Receive it once inspected

Our main service is to guarantee that customers receive authentic and certified Collectibles. Once the Collectible passes quality control, it will be delivered to any location.

we secure the transaction

Not happy? Get reimbursed

Not happy? Get reimbursed

Because customer satisfaction is our top priority, we usually provide a complete refund for returning items.



Submit your post

Develop a strong advertisement for your item by posting a detailed description supported by actual pictures.

Post is reviewed by Legendsownthegame

Legendsownthegame reviews the post and approves or disapproves it.

Renew your post every 30 days

You will need to renew your post and confirm its availability every 30 days.


Submit your request

The request will be reviewed by Legendsownthegame and once approved will be broadcast to all users.

Make an offer

Sellers will be able to make offers on listed collectibles so that they can get the best price possible.

Negotiate & buy

Sellers and buyers enter into a negotiation before the MATCH is done.