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Discover Our Story: Legends Own the Game in Dubai

Celebrate the essence of Legends Own the Game in Dubai. Delve into our rich narrative, from inception to becoming the leading collectibles marketplace in the region.

The Founders

Ramzi Traboulsi

Co-Founder & CEO

Ramzi, is a multifaceted entrepreneur with a versatile background: from owning and managing a series of restaurants to founding his own tech company, his thirst for opportunities and chasing his passions has never seized. Ramzi is an avid fan and a collector of sports memorabilia and is the proud owner of an extensive assortment of basketball mementos, gathered from all over the world in a span of 25 years. His passion and dedication led him to find precious and rare items, sure to impress even the most inveterate collectors. He is recognized and highly touted in collecting circles around the world. One of the Middle East’s authorities on sports collectibles and specifically sports cards. Ramzi has a very wide professional network in the industry at the highest levels of management and recognition.

Majd Aboulhosn


Majd is an entrepreneur with an industrial engineering background. After completing his graduate studies at Harvard University and University of Cambridge, he worked in senior management and multi-billion dollar industrial projects throughout the middle east. Majd then ventured off on his own on a path of entrepreneurship, where he founded Coast & City LLC, a boutique real estate nvestment and management firm based in Southern California and working in some of the world’s most luxurious Zip codes. Today Majd continues to grow his company while also investing in or on the board of several successful startups (Holidayme, The Cohort). While pursuing the growth of his professional career, Majd never forgot about the passion he had forcollecting rare items as a child. Acquiring rare tangible collectibles has always been a lucrative and passionate hobby of his that he pursues perpetually.

Nathalie Mamo

Co-Founder & Brand Ambassador

Born into a sports family, Nathalie became a professional basketball player at the age of 11. She was the youngest Arab player to compete in the first division and joined both the Junior and Women's National Teams by the age of 13. Throughout the years, she has hosted various sports and motor shows and created her own show specifically for women athletes. For the past 10 years, Nathalie has been a prominent sports anchor in the region's sports media, working for Sky News Arabia, OSN, and MBC. She has hosted and created successful sports shows such as "WWE Wal3ooha" and "WWE Al An" (WWE Now), covering all WWE content for the region. In 2014, Nathalie was selected as the main host of the biggest sports TV reality show in the region, "THE VICTORIOUS," where she presented daily episodes and weekly prime episodes. The show's jury consisted of football legends like Diego Maradona, Thierry Henry, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs, Raul, Fabio Cannavaro, Roberto Carlos, Luis Figo, and many others. Nathalie is now considered a prominent figure in sports media in the region. On November 28th, 2017

Zein Rachidi


Building smart marketplaces for niche markets

Zein is an engineer and serial entrepreneur with 15 years of experience. He has founded several successful tech companies which operate globally. His professional career covers an impressive global reach from the Middle East to Europe and the US. His track record of creating companies and scaling them to success has attracted the interests of institutional investors. One of his earliest forays in the world of entrepreneurship was Topotrade, an online marketplace for construction equipment, has since become a market leader in the industry. The success of the company was largely due to the design and user experience of their online platform. In addition to Topotrade, Zein has founded Levant IT, a software development company, and Digital Realities, a high-tech solution for creating digital twins.